All of our fish are cut to order while you wait to guarantee freshness and a fine dining experience!

* Grouper
* Tuna
* Swordfish
* Wahoo
* Mahi-Mahi
* Trigger Fish
* Flounder
* Hogfish
* Black Sea Bass
* Chilean Sea Bass
* Salmon
* Cod
* Halibut
* Cobia
* Grunts
* Amberjack
* Snapper (all varieties when in season including Vermilion  Snapper, Pink Snapper (red porgy), American Red Snapper
* King Mackerel
* Spanish Mackerel
* Speckled Trout
* African Pompano

**This list is subject to seasonal changes and closures.


Shrimp of all sizes fresh from the boat to our store when in season include:

Not So Large - 40/50 count
Somewhat Large - 31/35 count
Pretty Large - 26/30 count
Large and In Charge - 21/25 count up to 16/20 count

- in shell (when in season) and shucked sold by the pint or the gallon
Local Clams
(Fresh from Prince Edward Island)
Spiney Lobster (a local warm water lobster brought to us by local divers)
Live Maine Lobster (upon request)


Our freezer is stocked with all kinds of goodies and specialty items

* Calamari - breaded and un-breaded
* Snow Crab Legs
* King Crab Legs
* Crab Cakes
- More Crab/Less Filler/Several different varieties
* Salmon Dill Cakes
* Shrimp and Crab Cakes
* Deviled Crab
* Frog Legs
* Whole Boiled Crawfish and Crawfish Tail Meat
* Blue Mussels
* Oysters on the Half Shell
* Stuffed Clams
* Egg Rolls
* Hushpuppies

* Lobster Tails - Cold water/Warm water


For Sushi

* Nori
* Sushi Rice
* Sushi Vinegar
* Soy Sauce
* Teriyaki  Sauce
* Bamboo Rolling Mats
* Pickled Ginger
* Sesame Seeds
* Wasabi Powder
* Wasabi Paste
* Mango Wasabi Sauce
* Sesame Oil

For Everything Else

* Ketchup
* Salad Dressing
* Cocktail Sauce (several different varieties)
* Olive Oil
* Key Lime Juice
* Lemon Juice
* Old Bay (regular, blackening, lemon herb)
* Swampfire Shrimp and Crab Boil (as well as several other varieties)
* Mojo Mama
* Zataran's Seasonings
* Salmon Magic, Shrimp Magic, Fish Magic (Chef Paul Prudhomme)
* Fresh Lemons
* Spices Galore

And More

Rice and Grits Mixes made in SC by Savor the Flavor's
Miss Betty

Key Lime Pies made fresh by Sylvia Lem (a local favorite and hard to keep in stock) Sylvia also provides us with delicious seafood quiches as well.

* Oyster Knives
* Clam knives
* Crab Leg Crackers and Picks
* Skewers
* Shrimp Deveiners
* Cookbooks
* Cutting Boards by a local artisan

On occasion we carry a few fresh organic veggies!


7901 E. Oak Island Drive - Oak Island, NC

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